Teenagers' Classes

Creative Communication for Teenagers

This course covers voice and speech training, drama/theatre studies and communication skills. Classes are arranged according to age and experience.

We use mime, movement, characterisation and improvisation to encourage students to develop their creativity and expressiveness. Students learn various acting and performance styles, and explore the work of a broad range of dramatists, poets and writers - from classic to contemporary.

The study of drama and theatre studies at our higher levels includes historical, sociological and cultural elements, which broadens students' awareness, develops critical thinking skills and supports literature studies at school. It also provides an excellent preparation for students who are considering studying literature or drama/theatre studies at university.

Our communication training helps teenagers develop a wide range of skills to enable them present, persuade, negotiate and communicate with confidence and sensitivity in various contexts. They also learn how resonance and tone of voice contribute to clear communication with others.

Relaxation exercises are an important part of our sessions. Not only do they equip students to cope with the demands of everyday life, but a relaxed state of mind is also vital for stimulating the imagination and inspiring creativity.


Students have an opportunity to take Trinity Guildhall examinations in Speech & Drama, Individual Acting Skills and Communication Skills (Public Speaking), and progress through the grades.


We provide feedback to parents through our annual parent/teacher meetings.

Structure of Courses

Classes run from early September to June. Classes are held once a week - and twice a week in the lead-up to examinations. Tuition fees are payable half-yearly in advance.


We award three scholarships to our top scoring Trinity Guildhall students each year; one for each category - Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. These represent exemption from one half-yearly fee.